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Tunes & Temples

I was sitting in a large urban congregation the other night listening to an organ concert.  The historic organ is about to be removed for major rebuilding and restoration – a project costing many hundred of thousands of dollars. It … Continue reading

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Parades, Palms & Choices

The palms distributed in many churches on Palm Sunday  are reminders of  a parade re-enacted  in many ways in many churches. Jesus came into the city of Jerusalem – the New York City of Israel- riding a donkey, met by … Continue reading

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Heard on NPR primer

On an NPR environment program “Living on Earth” an ornithologist was talking about bird songs and noted that there are regional dialects in bird songs. The same species of bird will develop a slightly different song region by region. And, … Continue reading

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Late Lent Repent

I saw him again for the first time in months. Before seeing him today I thought I was past being upset and angry. It is over, done, and nothing can be changed. It amazed me how quickly the old feelings … Continue reading

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“Wounded for Me”

“Wounded for me, wounded for me There of the cross he was wounded for me…” I was surprised when informed that the topic for the Lenten Breakfast series I had been asked to participate in was “Wounded for me” a … Continue reading

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Control & Politics

In the newspapers and on TV the debate rages locally about the mayor wanting to take control of the school system. The sides are clearly drawn and sincere people debate, proclaiming the rightness of their position. On the news is … Continue reading

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Grandma Goose’s gift

I received a phone call. Grandma Goose has died. The name brings a smile to my heart and new tears to my eyes.  I met her in 1982 soon after I arrived at St Mark’s Church in Buffalo. A quiet, … Continue reading

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Be still and know

Among the ironies of my life this one was rich. Here I was leading a church Lenten study the other day on silence. Me! I turn on the radio before I get out of bed and then turn it on … Continue reading

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