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Storm warning

On the radio this morning in the middle of an interesting NPR news story came a raucous series of blats of sound. Then came a distorted voice talking about storm warnings and the force of the wind gusts that were … Continue reading

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Real or unreal?

I found myself thinking it was unreal… Here it was February 23rd and I was walking outside in my shirt sleeves with the temperature nearing 70. But how much more real could it have been? It was February! And it … Continue reading

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Civil Conversations needed

Has anyone noticed we do not know how to have a substantive conversation anymore? Whether in public, private or in the political arena we seem either to have chats where everyone is on the same page, and we spend time … Continue reading

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Similarities & Differences

One of the effects of travel is that we make comparisons to what we know and with that which which we are familiar.  Our travel to Israel & Jordan was the same thing except it was in two different dimensions … Continue reading

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