A New Year’s Revolution

As we approach 2021, one tradition is making New Year’s resolutions – changes we want to make. Yet many of us seem to quickly revert to old habits or tend to forget the altruistic changes we intended. A colleague once told me that more gym memberships are sold in January than any other month and gym usage is highest in January and then quickly reduces to more normal levels.

It made me wonder if perhaps we might look differently at the New Year. We may begin by asking ourselves what attitudes, and values do I want to see more of in my life? Once you answer that you then are more ready to make decisions about how you will work to bring it about in our life and for those around you. We must remember that the only one I can change is ME. And even that can be difficult. But if these are heartfelt wishes I deeply value it will be easier to engage than if it were something that I think I “should” do.

If for example I want more cooperation in my life or community, who will I choose to cooperate with, and on what. Who else might I invite who might also be seeking cooperation rather than conflict? How might I choose a project that has great value to others so that cooperation is enhanced?

If I wish to grow in my faith what might I be willing to add to my schedule that helps that to occur? (e.g., setting a daily tine for prayer, joining the Sunday Book Study or the Spiritual Companionship Group, or take on a spiritual practice.) But it may also mean identifying what you are willing to take out of the your schedule to give you the time for what you are adding.

Make a contract with yourself that whatever it is you wish to do, you will continue to do until after Easter. This gives you time to make this a more natural part of your life. It gives time for any slack-off and time to recommit as necessary.

What this approach can create is a New Year’s revolution. Tgis increases the likelihood that something we value and desire can be implemented improving the quality of our life and hopefully in the world around us.


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