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The Rev. Nancy Woodworth-Hill, Ph.D. is Rector, Co- Pastor, a Christian Educator, and author with a deep interest in Christian Formation; a church musician and liturgist with many years of parish ministry experience.

She loves to work with fiber including  spinning, dyeing, knitting, quilting and weaving.

Nancy has been encouraged to share her theological and scriptural reflections beyond friends and family members. She and Don are Co-Pastors at St Paul’s Episcopal Church in Jeffersonville, IN

The Rev. Don Hill

The Rev. Don Hill

The Rev. Don Hill is an Episcopal priest, church communicator and former newspaper editor, a Board Certified Chaplain and a railfan.

He has served in the dioceses of Albany, Toronto, Western New York, Rochester, and Indiana. And currently serves with Nancy as Co-Pastor-in-Charge of St Paul’s Episcopal Church, Jeffersonville, IN.

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  1. Mark Hall says:

    Dear Don,
    If you don’t mind, I’d like to reprint your “God past and future” in our e-mail newsletter in the diocese of San Joaquin.

  2. don says:

    Dear Mark,
    I would be pleased to have you use it! And would appreciate your emailing me a copy of the your newsletter.
    May I ask how you found the site? Unlike a print publication that is sent to a subscriber lsit I am never quite sure if things are being read much beyond family and a couple of loyal frends. Since the diocese eliminated the newaper this has givne me an outlet for my miscellany of writing.

    Thank you & blessings!
    Don Hill

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